So I walked to the EI office and back. Round trip it's about 6K. It took me just under 2 hours (maybe even 1.5 hours...I didn't really check the time when I left...). It felt good after having been stuck in the house for days. But now I have sore heels and I may have blisters. I'm too chicken to actually look. But they hurt in a way that seems to imply blisters. hmph. I wore my hking boots which, admittedly, I don't wear often (they go better with jeans than heeled boots but heeled boots also look good with jeans...so I wear the heeled boots more often). Why do all shoes give me blisters or hurt my feet in some random way? It's simply not fair. hmph!

My back and legs are slightly achey as well. But in a good way.

And since I've been back I've applied for a couple of jobs. One I really want (but not likely to be contacted about) and one that I don't really like (but stand a pretty decent chance of being contacted and may pay well...).