I have cake!

mmm cake for breakfast. Does life get any better than that? My roomie's sorta-guy (they have a messed up pseudo-relationship thingie) did an all out V'day thing for her and brought cake. There was one piece left that she told me to eat. So I am. It's quite tasty. White cake with a Hersey's hug on top. mmm tasty.

My V'day was unexpectly good. I had a call from someone asking me over for dinner. And it was a scumdiddliumpious dinner. And there was a bottle of bubbly. mmmm And lots of jazz. I like jazz. An unexpected but much appreciated V'day dinner. :) (And no red roses in case anyone was wondering after yesterday's comments on them...)

I'm going to venture outside into the large unknown at some point. I must remember to stop off and see the building manager to see if they have my access card yet. I've been relying on the goodness of people in my building to let me in when they see me loitering in the entryway. It's worked fairly well so far but it would be really nice to have my own pass. I need to get out of the house more and walk and shit. My body is bored with sitting around.

But I'm going to play a bit online first.... ;-)