Darn it!

I had a nice little ramble on here about Valentine's Day and how I'm not bitter about it even though I am a single woman and it's a holiday designed to make me feel miserable. I don't buy into the hype.

I had a nice little ramble about how this is the 7th anniversary of my eye tattoo. I won't repeat it. But I got my tattoo on Valentine's day, 1998. I haven't had one since. And I need to get Kit-Cat to take a picture of it when she comes to visit cause I dont' have any of it. She needs to work out her auto-focus issues with her camera first.

I also rambled on about my mistrust of guys who give me red roses. I've had three guys do it. One cheated on me, the other was just all around bad and the last one broke my cat (she's had surgery and she's all fixed now). Basic point - don't give me red roses, unless you are damn sure you are not going to be an asshole. I love red and it makes me sad that I have such negative associations with red roses. I'll be willing to have a guy try to change that - but he better be damned sure he can otherwise he'll just add to my suspicions that only assholes give me red roses.

Although I would like to think I've progressed from dating assholes. My last boyfriend wasn't an asshole. Idiot, yes...but not an asshole.

Now that I've had to post twice (stupid blogger) I need to get moving and do something else. Like apply for jobs!

Happy Hallmark Holiday everyone.