It's all good!

So I called my Mom last night. She's happy that I'm here and settled and probably happy that she didn't have to spend a day worrying about how my move was going.

The movers were awesome. They were really nice. They told me I had overtipped them and gave me some money back. You gotta love that. Plus they said I was one of their favourite customers. Awwwwww. I think it's because I made them laugh.

I totally passed out last night. I was exhausted. I crawled into my bed at 9 after having a long hot shower, watched two episodes of what not to wear and then fell asleep. I don't think I moved all night. I was TIRED. I woke up stiff. But well rested. And I dug out my coffee maker and had some yummy coffee this morning. mmmmmmmm

I suppose I should get off my butt and do something. But my nephew is online and I'm having fun chatting with him... ;-)