No Fair!

So it's my second "work day" off. And what happens - I have a killer headache. I woke up with one this morning and just figured that with food and water it would go away. Wrong. It's gotten worse. So I took a bath to see if that would help. You know the whole relaxing thing. Nope, made it worse. So I tried to take a nap, that didn't happen. I was just lying there thinking about how much my head hurt. It didn't help that my wonderful cat was lying on the bed thumping her tail and making the mattress vibrate. So I got up and took some Excedrin. Now I'm just waiting for it to kick in and doing my best to keep my head very still. Plus now I feel nauseous from glugging down water when I took the Excederin. sigh

Oh and Piper of course is lying on the bed with a smug look on her face and she is not thumping it. Damn cat just didn't want to share her nap time.

I'm going to go put in a movie and hopefully fall asleep watching it. So much for walking to the library today. hmph.