Mmm Thai

As Ilan mentioned in the comments from yesterday's post - dinner was mmm mmm good. We went to a yummy Thai place up near Yonge and Finch. Yes, I travelled all the way up there for dinner - in the cold no less. That's how good this place is. Ilan got a little lost on the way there but found his way eventually. Meanwhile I was warming myself up with yummy tea and err working. Yes I took work with me. I have a habit of getting places early and figured I was going to be pressed for time this week anyway so I might as well make use of it. I made good headway on something. Of course, I just barely got started on it this morning when Outlook popped up a reminder about a meeting I had forgotten about. sigh. So I had another 5 hours of meetings today. That was after the 5 hours yesterday. Was only supposed to be one hour tomorrow but that's been bumped up to 2. And I think it's only 2 hours on Froday. Bah. Don't ask me what' s up will all these meeting because I DON'T KNOW.

Anyway, I got way off topic there. Ilan did (eventually) arrive (by the way - when you were lost last night you called my home number not my you have my cell number???) and had some tea to thaw out. Then we got down to the business of ordering. We settled on cold chicken rolls (I love cold chicken rolls), chicken pineapple curry and veggie red curry. Oh and rice of course. Plus the complimentary shrimp chips they give you. Yummy, yummy, yummy.

Ilan brought puppets. I can't remember why he brought puppets. I believe there was some conversation during the point of the day yesterday where I was *really* stressed out and he said that dinner would be entertaining and there would be puppets. He did in fact bring puppets. I'm starting to learn that when the boys say stuff like this they actually mean it. There was a lion and a cow. The cow was bigger but the lion was cuter (although the lions mouth didn't actually move...). I forgot to ask if they had names.

It was a yummy tasty dinner. We fully intended to taunt the two boys that didn't show up because they missed such a tasty meal. Mmmmmmm.

When I finally made it home I watched the Victoria's Secret fashion show that I taped (it was actually kinda boring). A friend of mine was surprised. He thought that I would be the last person to watch it. He obviously doesn't know about my underwear shopping excursions. (Which reminds me....I saw some really cute underwear at La Vie en Rose this weekend...I must go back and buy some later this week I think...).

That was my day. Tonight I'm going to alternate between working, baking banana bread (or muffins...I haven't decided which yet) and tuning in to ANTM finale. I live such an exciting life. I should go to the grocery store because I'm out of coffeee filters but I'll do that tomorrow. I really need to work tonight. meh.