Obligatory Update

Ok, so I haven't updated in awhile. I went to update a few days ago and decided I had nothing to say. And then I had something to say last night and couldn't get on to Blogger. And now today I have no idea what the heck I was going to say last night.

Deadlines are looming at work. It doesn't help that they keep getting bumped up at work. It's causing a little bit of stress. Not horrible so far. I went through this period earlier today where I was a bit stressed. I'm starting to notice that I fidget a lot when I'm stressed. I'm feeling better than I was earlier this after. Of course I eventually stopped thinking that tomorrow was Thursday. I didn't really think that today was Wednesday, I knew it was Tuesday, but yet I was convinced that tomorrow was Thursday. Yes, I am weird. I believe we've covered that already.

At least I have a nice non-stressing evening of Thai food planned. Yummy. I'm introducing Ilan to a yummy place I know. Mmmmmmmmmm thai.

Piper is convinced that it's dinner time. Silly kitty. I'll feed her before I leave. Of course she'll try to convince me to feed her again when I get back too. hahahaha wishful cat isn't she?

Oh I have to remember to set the VCR to tape the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show since I don't know if I'll be home for the beginning. ;-)