I'm looking around my apartment and I have TOO MUCH CLUTTER. I'm frustrated. I just want someone to come in while I'm sleeping and get rid of it.

First of all, I have a hard time parting with books. I'm working on it. I've gotten rid of a lot in the last 1.5 years. It's a work in progress. Importantly - I've pretty much stopped BUYING books (and dvds). This is impressive.

Secondly, I was raised by pack rats. I've never really experienced a life *without* clutter. My mother is working on clearing out her clutter as well. Unfortunately this partly means that she's trying to shove stuff off on me. Thanks ma, I love you, but I really don't have room to store a set of china right now (btw - she's still holding on to it for me, lol). Plus I'd never really have the opportunity to use it. Aside from clearing out books I've gotten rid of a lot of clothes that I don't wear and linens that I never used.

Thirdly, I really do believe that part of my attachment to "stuff" stems from the fact that I grew up poor. It was always like if I had all this stuff around me, I really didn't have nothing. I'm working on this. I really like the idea of the whole minimalist thing...I just can't seem to bring it into action.

Overall in the last year I've done a pretty good job of nothing bring stuff into my apartment(s). (Ok, I bought a blender tonight but that soooooo doesn't count, cause I want smoothies, hmph!) But because I work from home I've increased the amount of paper clutter. I'm not always good at staying on top of that.

I think a lot of this goes back to my poor organizational skills when it comes to stuff (time, etc types of organization I can do but when it comes to organizing *stuff* I'm bad).

Sigh. What are the odds that I'll go to sleep and I'll wake up to find that a magic faerie has come and organized all my stuff for me???