Since I'm not working and I've been stuck in the house for the last few days I decided to go out into the world. My chosen spot was yet again the St. Lawrence Market. Yes, I seriously love that place.

My first stop was Mike's Fish Market where I bought a 1/2 lb of baby scallops. I love scallops. The last time I went home for Chrismas (which was 5 years ago) one of my gifts was a pound of fresh scallops. Yummy.

After that I went next door to St. Lawrence Ice Cream and Pizza. They make their own pasta and pasta sauce and it's *yummy*. I bought their special sauce which is a mix of their tomato, alfredo and pesto sauce. It's all separate until you are ready to serve and then you mix it all together. It's sooooooo yummy. It costs about $7 but very much worth it.

Then I stopped at Future Bakery. It was rather late in the day so their selection wasn't great but I did manage to snare a loaf of yummy French bread.

After the bakery I went to Scheffler's Deli. It's one of my favourites at the Market. I bought stuffed grape leaves, fresh bruschetta and bocconcini. I was rather tempted but a great number of their other cheeses but since I couldn't decide I didn't buy any. They have soooo much there and it's all good. lol

My next stop was Family Foods for some tomatoes on the vine and fresh basil.

At this point I was about to leave when I decided to turn back and wander by Witteveen Meats Ltd. They always have yummy stuff and I figured that I did say I was going to cook myself a big yummy meal sometime this week. I had originally thought I would make a chicken but then I looked at their stuffed pork tenderloins. I bought a half tenderloin stuffed with spinach, feta and bacon. YUMMY! This was my one true splurge item of the day as it cost about $14. But hey, I figure I'm worth it. It's still cheaper than a turkey! I also bought a pound of fresh bacon. I was very tempted by their bourbon beef kabobs but there's always next time.

I somehow managed not to buy anything to eat while I was there. A rare event. I wasn't all that hungry at the time though.

Now I have to clean up the apartment and do laundry. In a few hours I'll put my tenderloin in the oven and make whipped potatoes to go with it (I still haven't bought a potato masher so whipped taters it is). I've already has some bruschetta and ate all of the vine leaves. ;-)