Books I've read but not blogged about

  • Secret Life of Bees - Sue Monk Kidd (I liked it...just never got around to blogging about it)

  • Ready or Not: An All American Girl Novel - Meg Cabot (mostly about sex and whether or not Sam should do it)

  • Man in a Kilt - Sandy Blair (Have I ever mentioned I hate books, especially trashy romances, where people travel back in time and change history??? I HATE them.)

  • Wedding Season - Darcy Cosper (meh - boring, didn't really like it, not worth your time really)

  • The Bright Forever: A Novel - Lee Martin (I haven't decided if I liked this one or not...)

  • Schooling Carmen - Kathleen Cross (better than I thought it would be)

I also started Written in Flesh: A History of Desire by Edward Shorter but I haven't finished it and it was due back the library today (I'll return it tomorrow). It's interesting but not enough so for me to fully emerse myself in it.

Why haven't I blogged about these? I dunno. I'm lazy I guess. I think I had a lot to say about the Secret Life of Bees when I read it but then I got really busy with work and by the time I had time to blog I couldn't remember everything I wanted to say and didn't want to just do a half assed job of it. None of the others were really blogworthy.