No cheese for YOU!!!

Piper is a pain in the ass.

Piper is now in the proverbial dog house.

I was woken up at 7:50 am this morning to the sound of something smashing. That something was the food dish that I bought Xander. It was on the kitchen cupboard, covered in saran wrap and had an empty box on top of it. Apparently this was not enough of a deterrent for Piper. She sniffed out that wet cat food like it was nothing. And ate it. And then broke the goddamn dish that it was in by pushing it around trying to get every last morsel of squishy food.

She was promptly thown in the bathroom and locked in there for at least half an hour while I went back to bed and cursed her.

Then I got up and cleaned up everything and took out the trash.

Then I let her out of the bathroom.

She is not getting cheese for a week because she not only ate Xander's food but she was also on the cupboard. Plus she broke Xander's food dish.

I love my cat, really I do. But she's a pain in the ass sometimes.