A year in ABCs

A – I’ve lived in three apartments this year – a decent duplex in Montreal with a back yard, a horrible cement block of an apartment in the middle of nowhere in North York, and now a tiny but cute (and all mine) basement apartment in Toronto (I have windows, I do get some amount of natural light).

B – Bell Canada pissed me off severely this year. The telephone line in my apartment dies 1.5 weeks after I started my new job. It would not be fully fixed for another two weeks. No phone, no internet, not good when you work from home. When I moved I refused to use their services. They are banned. Also, the apartment that I live in now is close to the beach which makes me really, really happy.

C – Cat got married, Christine got engaged, Calleen bought a house, and I got cable and a cell phone (hmmm I will not think about how vaguely pathetic that looks, lol).

D – I’ve spent the last 10 months discovering a new city and meeting new people. Also for deadlines which I’ve learned to loath. And I have a doctor for the first time in about 3 years.

E – I’ve seen my monthly earnings double from the first half to the last half of the year (but thanks to students loan payments and higher rent I'm not as much better off as that would first indicate).

F – I’ve spent many hours in the last few months camping out on my floor. I have no couch (soon though…hopefully coming very early in 2005!). I do not have a comfortable seat in the house. I’ve very sick of sitting on floors. My back and hips don’t love it so much either.

G – Grey hairs are starting to appear at an alarming rate. I predicted that with in two years I will actually need to regularly get my roots done. I inherited this from my father’s side of the family and you may join me in cursing them.

H – I now work from home. I have to say, you can’t beat the commute. Yes, I moved to Toronto from Montreal to end up working from home for a company based in New Brunswick. You should all know by now that few things in my life are ever simple.

I – The internet has taken on new roles for me this past year. It was my main way of job searching. Since I got the new job, it the means by which I work everyday. It’s been the main way I was able to keep in touch with people for awhile. Although I have a wonderful North America-wide any time of day long distance plan now. It’s wonderful. Also for Indian food which I eat almost weekly now that I’m a block away from Little India. Oh and for insurance which I have for the first time in about three years (not as big of a deal in Canada as in the US, but still a darned good thing).

J – The journey from Montreal to Toronto was interesting. Piper does not like planes.

K – I’m thinking that I must have done something to upset the balance of karma since my Canada Post lost my Christmas presents.

L – The library saved my sanity (and my bank balance) this year. When I was unemployed I went through soooo many books. Things slowed down a bit after I started my new job because I was suddenly busier. Plus I have cable. But I do have to say, I love Toronto Public Libraries.

M – I moved. I left Montreal. It was strange. I had lived there for 7.5 years. It became home to me in a way it didn’t to many people I knew at McGill who left immediately after graduation. I put in tiny heart roots there and I think I’ll always kinda think of it as home. It’s weird to go back now. It’s like going home…but not.

N – I went to North Bay, Ontario to visit Evan and Andrea with Jony. I was rather surprised by how pretty it was.

O – I became an official resident of Ontario. At some point I suppose I ought to actually find out more about this province. I have managed to see a bit of it in the past year, I’ve been North Bay, Bobcaygeon and London. Oh also to Orangeville to visit some relatives that now seem to be quite happy to ignore my existence since they can say that they saw me after I moved here (again, father’s family).

P – I seemed to have spent a lot of this year playing phone tag with people. Between my interview and my first day on the job I did not speak directly to anyone at my new company. All communication was done via phone messages and internet.

Q – I quit my job, and then packed up and moved to a new city. Scary.

R – I went from having a perfectly normal (albeit vaguely neurotic) roommate in Montreal to having the ROOMMATES FROM HELL in Toronto. The roomies from hell included a dysfunctional lesbian couple (one of which had serious anger management issues) who owned 3 cats that they did not take care of and a psychotic pothead. Seriously, she was nuts. She was on pills because she was nuts. But I’m thinking that all the pot may have not interacted so well with the meds…

S – Canada passed the same-sex marriage bill (Bill C-38) and I attended my first same-sex wedding. Also, since moving to Toronto, I’ve become addicted to the St. Lawrence Market and can often be found there on Saturday afternoons. And I can’t seem to stop buying shoes, or at least I couldn’t before I started getting hit with too many student loan payments. sigh

T – I moved to Toronto in February. Why? Because it was time to leave Montreal. And Toronto seemed like the next most logical choice. This marks the second time that I moved to city after having only visited it once.

U – I spent half of the year unemployed and looking for a job. It was definitely not the most fun experience in my life. Job searching sucks. Interviews sucks. The uncertainty of everything sucks.

V – My attempts to volunteer for one of the gay pride events was dramatically shut down as I suffered a horrible allergic reaction to a Brazilian wax (trust me – you soooo don’t wanna know but trust me, if you plan to wax, get an allergy test done even if you've been waxing at home for years). I missed Pride completely. And I only made it down to Vermont once this year but hey, at least I made it down.

W – My new job is as a technical writer – a job that in the course of the same day I can both love and hate passionately. One of the hoops that I had to jump through in order to get this job was to take a four hour writing test. Let me tell you – they are not fun.

X – My days of endless Xeroxing are behind me now that I don’t make course packs anymore. Yes I know this is a stretched since we never called it Xeroxing in the office but cut me some slack. Also, I started working in XML. I’m not finding it too bad…except when it won’t let me do what I want to and then I usually blame the DTD.

Y – Piper discovered that things that fly and have yellow and black stripes are not good playthings because they can hurt you.

Z – It’s going to be oh so cliché but I went to the zoo for the first time this year. It was the beginning of August and I went with Ninny and Allen. Everyone else seemed to have kids with them. The polar bears were awesome.

Ok - who's next???