Stuffing the Sassymonkey way

Which is, of course, the only right way to make it. It's the way my mother makes it, the way her mother made it, etc. Other stuffings may be made, and may even be edible. But they aren't real stuffing.

Stuffing the Sassymonkey way is very easy. You need bread. Preferably the yucky white bread (think Wonderbread) that I never buy because grainy bread is so much better for you. My mother used to keep a bag in the freezer and she'd just keep adding bread butts to it because no one would eat them. Works great for stuffing. Christmas morning always started with the opening of stockings. Then I'd help my mom rip up the bread for stuffing.

You need chopped onions. Technically, this is optional. I believe my mother used to have to make some on the side without onions for someone. I don't know who.

You need salt and pepper. Suit your own tastes.

You need a little bit of butter. Just a couple of pats. mix it in with the bread.

The most important ingredient - summer savory. It if doesn't have summer savory IT'S NOT STUFFING. No poultry seasoning is not the same thing.

And that is all that you need to make the best stuffing ever. You mix it all together. You stuff the bird as much as you can. If you have extra you cook it on the side for about the last 20 minutes or so.

My stuffing is yummy. It's the best stuffing. I've tried other stuffings. They are good. But they aren't RIGHT.

(Yes, I fully expect for people to try to tell me I'm wrong. I have a feeling TW has an opinion on this. But you are all wrong. I'm right about this one.)

Oh and I've decided that since I have the week off I'm going to give in to my indulgent cravings. I'm going to go to the St. Lawrence Market at some point this week and buy things like scallops and bacon wrapped filet mignon. Actually I plan to wrap some of the scallops in bacon and roast them. If I can get get baby ones I may have to make some of my scallop rose pasta sauce. mmm