Christmas Eve Eats

Despite the fact that I'm generally bah humbuging Christmas for various reasons I'm still eating like it is Christmas time. I love food.

Right now I have turkey meatballs in the oven. Same basic recipe for the ground beef one below but I've added a bit of fresh minced ginger to them and not making the sweet and sour sauce. I've got them on a rack over a cookie sheet. They should be cooked through in about 25-30 minutes. Then I am going to dip them in President's Choice Peanut Sauce (mmmm so yummy).

I think I might make a cheese ball later. I'll split it in two and freeze the other half. I forgot to buy Breton crackers. I'll make due with my Stoned Wheat Thins.

Tonight I'm going to make the box of Chinese appetizers that I bought the other day at the grocery store. Yummy.

Edit: Meatballs weren't bad. I can't gobble them up quite the same way as the sweet and sour ones though.

About to make the cheese ball!