Bah Humbug


I'm not feeling as crappy as I did the last few days. I'm still obviously bummed but there's nothing I can do about it.

I don't really plan to leave my apartment today. I may need to go get milk but maybe not. I'm going to get off my butt shortly and make turkey meatballs for lunch. I have some spicy peanut sauce that I'm going to use as dip (mmm peanut sauce). I have a few movies that I rented that I should watch. I'm going to work on getting the kitties used to each other a bit more. I'd love it if I could leave the bedroom door open for an hour or two because it's cold in there (not sure if it's because of the fact it's got a lot of outside walls or because the heating vent is poorly located - likely both). I need to do dishes and maybe some laundry.

I also need to try to get in touch with Lav if I'm going to go over for dinner tomorrow.