Cleaning break

I'm a horrible housekeeper. Just so you all know. I'm cleaning so that Nick won't know how much of a slob I am when he drops Xander off tomorrow. OK, I'm not exactly a *slob*... I'm more horribly cluttered.

Baryshnikov's Nutcracker is on TV. So I have it turned up nice and loud while I clean. Which is really good except for when they go to commercial. I love the Nutcracker. Yes, I know it's kinda cliche but I totally love it (and Denise says I have no Christmas spirit cause I don't decorate).

Oh yeah, I'm posting because I found something when I was cleaning that I've been meaning to blog about. A couple of weeks ago I got a cheque from the Quebec gov't. For $3.35. That's right. They went through all the hassle of sending me a check for $3.35. They are WEIRD.

Back to cleaning. So far I've managed to give myself a paper cut from a cardboard box. sigh. And Piper's almost been stepped on twice. She gets really hyper when I clean (a hyper Piper) and very curious, which means that she tries to sniff around things, which means she gets in my way and almost gets stepped on. And then I growl at her. When I'm done cleaning she'll stretch out in the middle of the room and be very satisfied with her surroundings. I tell you, I HAVE A WEIRD CAT!

edit: it's about an hour after my original post and I have yet another example of how my cat is weird. I left the dust pan on the floor. She is now sleeping in it. Well, the front third of her her is sleeping in it cause the rest of her won't fit. WEIRD CAT!