Christmas dinner update

I'm procrastinating/eating dinner so I thought I ought to update and address the Christmas dinner post.

If you read the comments, Lav (aka purple elf) has invited me to have dinner at her place. yay! Dinner there is always yummy, no matter which of the many people there are cooking. I'm not allowed to bring anything, unless I want to make some bread and bring it, which I will likely do. It depends on what time they want to eat.

Denise, had I stayed at home it just would have been me. Everyone else is out of town. And hearing you talk about hens and them being impressive is *funny*. heehee!

Kyle - roasted garlic mashed potatoes are yummy! If you ever want garlic mashed potatoes but don't have time to roast the garlic, just throw a clove or two (depending on how many taters and how garlicy you want it) in with the potatoes while they are boiling. You can then either remove it or mash it in with them. I've added garlic to pasta water before too.

Lee - both of those things are wrong, wrong, wrong!