Christmas, cat-sitting and other stuff

It has been decided for me that I'm going to Lav's place for dinner on Christmas day. I am to bring nothing but perhaps some freshly made bread (if I have time to make it, which will depend on what time I need to be there). Actually, what I *really* need to bring is the recipe for the bread. If I don't Lav's sisters may not let me come inside.

Tomorrow I will be getting another kitty that I get to keep for about five days. His name is Xander. He's very cute and playful and sure to shake things up around here. I'm sure Piper will be very impressed. I have to remember to trim her claws tomorrow morning. Piper has never met a boy cat before. I wonder if she'll get along better with him than she did with all the other girl cats she's known. I doubt it.

It feels weird that it's only a bit after 6. I started running errands right after work and it's dark outside and it feels like it should be way later. I've been to the pet store for kitty food, litter and Christmas treats. Then I came home and dropped that stuff off cause it's heavy. Then I went to the library to pick up a book that was on hold for me but ended up leaving with lots of wonderfully trashy novels. I have 10 days off and I plan to spend large chunks of it in bed reading the trashy novels and eating food. Except of course when I'm reading them in a bubble bath. And when I'm, you know, out actually around other people (which is actually going to be a decent amount - aside from Christmas dinner I've also got a skating party, potluck, girly movie day and New Year's dinner planned).

After the library I hit the grocery store, thus breaking my rule of never hitting the grocery store and the library on the same excursion as it tends to lead to having an overflowing backpack. I did show moderate restraint at the grocery store and yet still managed to spend $50. I have a love/hate relationship with this grocery store. Whenever I want something it seems that they either only have it in HUGE sizes or they are completely out of it (which is what happened tonight - totally out of plum sauce). I wish I lived near a Loblaw's. Although it may be better for my budget that I don't. ;-)

Then I went to the dollar store to buy something to serve as a litter pan for Xander Katt and to buy him a little prezzie. I also had to buy a vegetable peeler as I suddenly seem to somehow not own one (just as seem to suddenly not own a potato masher - which I forgot to buy).

And now I'm home where it is nice and cozy and warm. Piper is sleeping in her shoe box right under the heating vent. Silly kitty. Tonight I have to clean because wiht my deadline last week I let everything become a big mess. I don't want Xander's daddy to think I'm a total slob. ;-)

And that is what's happening in the life of the monkey right now. Nothing terribly exciting I'm afraid.