I went out for a yummy, yummy dinner on Friday at Susur. Very, very tasty.

I finally saw Katie last night. :) It was good to see her and Mikey together. I'm not so convinced that Mikey thought it was good to see Katie and I together as we ganged up on him about something. I believe we are going to try to have a girls day sometime between Christmas and New Years (Lav - she's never see P&P and can't find it to rent, shocking! I think we are going to watch that...).

I seem to be fighting off some sort of ickyness. Yesterday I felt like I was starting to get really sick. I took a nap before going out for dinner though and felt much better. Not feeling 100% today but don't feel too crappy either.

Because I felt crappy yesterday I didn't get any work done. Which means I have to work my behind off today cause my book it due TOMORROW MORNING! EEK!!! Yes I know, I should be working instead of posting but I'm having breakfast (errr sort of - does a pot of tea and glass of OJ count as breakfast???). I'm working from my bedroom today so that I will not be distracted by the evil TV.

If all goes as planned, I should be ordering my couch in early January. :D

My former prof is responding well to chemo, well enough that they may actually allow him to eat something soon instead of relying on the feeding tube. Chemo won't cure him but it may get him to a point where he could have surgery. Very positive news.