Piper obviously did not think that I was coming home tonight. I can't say that I really blame her. I mean, how often do I leave on a Saturday evening and come back only a few hours later (or lately, come home at all)? But I only went out for dinner with Mikey and Katie tonight. Sushi. It was yummy. I left without closing the lappy and pushing it into it's little drawer.

I got home about 20 minutes ago. Piper must have been having a damn good sleep because she didn't hear me come in the front door. She usually does. She's usually meowing as I unlock the door. Not tonight. No I open the door, scare the crap out of her and she freaks out and starts hissing. What is interesting is where she was doing this from...the laptop! The stupid cat was sleeping on top of the laptop keyboard! HMPH!

She's now sucking up because she knows she got caught doing something bad. Or she's just happy I'm home. Or both.

Dumb cat.