So last night I went to Holiday Jam, a fundraiser for the Sick Kids hospital that was put on by a bunch of Canadian bands. Jon and his friend Jamie were supposed to go but Jamie had to cancel (work sucks) and was offering up the ticket for free so along went I. It was a pretty cool show. The age range of the audience was interesting. A lot older people than I was expecting. When we got there Danny Michel was on stage. I honestly had never heard of the guy before but he was really good. Interesting lyrics. Kinda cute too. After him Matt Mays took the stage, again good and kinda cute. After him it was Sam Roberts (good and cute in a scruffy way). Then Sarah Harmer. And then...the surprise guests came on to close the show and who was that you ask? The Tragically Hip! Too freaking cool! Until last night I had never seen the Hip live. So to see them not only live but in a small venue kicked ass!

In other misc. matters ---

Denise - No, no one is coming over for Christmas dinner. Everyone is out of town or with family. So it's just me and Piper.

Ravi - no immediate plans for a trip to Montreal, especially not for Christmas. Maybe Feb...but that's probably just wishful thinking. I'll meet up with you for drinks when you are in town though. I make no promises that I will be propositioed by a hooker again though.