Christmas dinner???

Ok, I can't decide what to make for Christmas Dinner so you are all going to help me out. I've thought of many things ranging from cornish hens to homemade tourtiere. So you get to tell me what you think I *should* make.

1. It must contain meat of some sort. I refuse to have a vegetarian Christmas dinner because a) I am not a vegetarian and b) I like meat.
2. Wine will be consumed in one form or another so recipes can contain wine. But not be something where you have to use like 12 year aged Scotch of something cause I there's no way in hell I'm shelling out the bucks for that.
3. I'd like it to be something that you/I wouldn't normally make - something with a bit of extra effort.
4. Dessert is probably not required as I'm not a big dessert person and trying to make dessert for one person is often a pain in the ass.

Now comment peoples.