Quirky Meme

I was tagged by Denise to do this silly meme about quirky things (thanks a lot by the way). Meh. What is quirky anyway???

1. I like to bake sweet things like cookies and cakes and pie but I do not like to eat cookies and cake and pies. I might like one piece or something but that's it. I don't really have a sweet-tooth.

2. Along the same vein - I'm not a huge chocolate fan. I mean it's good and all and there are times when I do crave it but if give me the choice between something chocolatey or a piece of fruit for dessert 9 times out of 10 I'll probably take the fruit.

3. I own many, many pairs of underwear. I don't have the somewhat neurotic thing where underwear and bra *must* match. Because if I did it would serious limit my underwear choices. I once bought about 15 pairs of underwear in one month. My motto is "a girl can never had too many pairs of underwear". This has resulted in my friends bringing me back a pair of underwear (a very cool pair no less) from Paris.

4. I put Tabasco sauce on my popcorn.

5. If I am curled up on the couch (eerr when I have one) watching tv or reading a book I *must* have a blanket. Even if is is 30C.

I'm not tagging anyone. Deal with it.