I'm tired

I've been tired all week, tired all weekend and I'll likely be tired all next week and the week after. Is it Christmas yet? I want to sleep.

And it's just been a strange weekend. Friday I hung out with completely new people (upstairs neighbours). There was the whole prostitute thing on the way to the bar. Then at the bar there was a couple doing um...stuff...in the bathroom. Went out of Saturday and saw a heck of a lot of cougars (less leopard print than I was expecting).

Today I had a conversation with a friend in Montreal. One of my former profs (not the one that I'm friends with) has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Sigh. It's really sad. He's a wonderful and sweet man. Exceptionally smart. Has published at least 30 books. He was going to retire soon and spend more time writing. Apparently the prognosis is not good and he's not expected to last very long. sigh

Denise I'm not ignoring that you've tagged me. I'm still trying to think of quirky things.