In the beginning…

I figured I now have enough kitcheny stuff that I can really get back into cooking again. It's amazing what a difference mixing bowls and a functioning oven can make. And I don't want to clutter up my main blog with recipes. I need to get back into cooking again. I haven't been doing so well with it. This likely won't be just a cooking blog. I'll use it for general foodie stuff. Hmm maybe I should blog about the awesome olive oil a coworker gave me. Although I haven't tasted it yet. hmmm I think I'll have to buy some good bread this weekend so I can do that.

My dinner is in the oven for tonight. When I get around to getting a digital camera maybe I'll actually take pictures of some of the things I make.

In the near future expect posts about chicken and rice casserole, meal planning, and sourdough starter.