I'm stiff. 10 hours on a bus in two days sucks. It doesn't suck as much as when I used to spend about 20 hours on a bus in ONE day but it still sucks. I should book myself a neck and shoulder massage but we all know that I won't. But I will have a bubble bath.

I didn't get as much reading done on the bus as I thought I would. However, I finally hooked up my VCR and figured out how to get it to tape stuff off of the digital cable box. So I think I'm going to just tape a bunch of stuff this week and watch it on the weekend.

My weekend was really good. I got upgraded to a suite at my B&B. I really didn't need an extra bed, a sitting room and nice spacious bathroom but I wasn't turning it down! And there was a slice of homemade apple pie waiting for me in my room when I got there. It was still warm. And they brought me tea. I loved this place. Breakfast the next morning was very tasty as well. mmmm

Meeting people from work was good as well. They actually EXIST! They are REAL! WOW!!! Sunday morning I went shopping for kitchen stuff with one of my coworkers that used to be a professional chef. And she gave me a bottle of organic olive oil from her sister's villa in Tuscany. Mmmmmmmmmm She also gave me a few other things as well like a HUGE mixing bowl. I bought a few others ones. So now I have mixing bowls and I bought some cookie sheets and muffin pans so I can actually make stuff now. Very exciting. I need to make a sourdough starter this week and then I'll make bread when the redheads come up. Yay bread!