Happy Friday

Yay it's Friday. Yesterday I was loathing the end of the week because I had too much work to do but my deadline was pushed back two weeks so I have breathing space. Today is still going to be pretty busy though. I have lots of work to do with work and home.

Friday to do list
1. Research codes
2. Write new section
3. Wash bed linens
4. Pack for Ottawa
5. Clean bathroom
6. Scoop kitty litter

Ok...that actually doesn't sound like that much when I write it down. And then I have to make myself pretty and meet a bunch of people at the pub. mmmm pub food.

I don't think I mentioned it but the other day when I opened then oven door to take something out (and NO it wasn't burning) I set off the smoke detector. Now I'm all paranoid everytime I open the oven that I'll set it off again. sigh