Bus reads

So I'm travelling this weekend. I'm going to be on the bus for about 5 hours each way, plus wait times, etc. Plus I'll probably have some downtime in my b&b as well. So I've packed three books. I may need to pick up a fourth on the way back from Ottawa.

I've actually had Christopher Paolini's Eldest lying around for a week or two. It has to be read this weekend. I figure I'll get through it fairly quickly on the bus. Unfortunately I really don't remember that much about the first one. It was pretty good but I don't remember being crazy about it.

Leaving Eden by Anne Leclaire - no idea how this made it on to my library list but it did (I really don't know how most books make it on there though...). Again, seems like a good bus read.

I've actually never read The Bell Jar. (yes Denise, I know, I know).

If I can decide long enough in advance that I know I'm going to need another book for the way back I may pick up Lori Lansen's The Girls. It's gotten really good reviews and I'm intrigued.