Weekend stuff

Yesterday was a busy day. I met up with Mike and Flash at the Art Gallery of Ontario to see the Catherine the Great exhibit. It was quite good. I found that their descriptions of the art were a bit small and you had to get in fairly close to read them. And I was highly annoyed by the people who had the audio guides who insisted on standing directly in front of these write ups but other than that, it was good. Afterwards we wandered around looking for a place to eat before deciding on a little Japanese/Korean place about half a block away from the AGO on Dundas. We all had bento boxes. Mine had bbq beef in it and it was deliciously spicy. Mmmmmmmm. We had a nice time chatting.

We wandered around some more and then they gave me my Christmas prezzies. Unfortunately I was not quite so well organized as they are so they are going to have to get there's via mail. They got me some Cabot Cheese (sharp, habanero, and jalapeno) because I am seriously addicted to it. It's much harder to get now that I don't live in Montreal. They have a cottage in Vermont and I used to go down a few times a year to buy massive amounts of cheese ("Karen, what did you buy in Vermont?", "Oh, about $30 worth of cheese..."). And in between my visits they were always good about bringing some back for me. They also brought me some raspberry gingerale - another cottage treat. Added to that was a box of Santropol tea. I've never really tried their tea but it smells yummy. There were also a few dvd's and Boys are Stupid, Throw Rocks at Them (which they also bought for another one of his former students). Hmmm I'm forgetting something, oh yes, Pyewacket got me some beeswax candles. :)

After they had to leave to go back to Newmarket and get ready for the wedding they were attending I called Mikey and we wandered around shopping. Well really, Mikey was doing some pre-buying Christmas browsing and I was in search of a new pair of leather gloves since I misplaced mine the night before. I did end up finding gloves at the end of our day. I also ended up buying some perfume. I've been looking at it for a long time and when I asked about it yesterday they told me at Sears that it was being discontinued but that they had a few bottles left on their discount table (the people at the Bay, however, did not seem to know that it was being discontinued so I'm hopeful that it's not...). I had to buy a bottle. I now smell very pretty.

During the many hours that Mikey and I wandered around I finally paid up on my bet and bought him a slurpie. He was quite happy. However you get rather nasty looks in Yorkville stores when you are carrying a slurpie from 7/11....

Eventually it was time for Mikey to go home and for me to go meet up with the mommies. Poor Dav was not a happy camper when it came time to go to bed. The poor thing *bawled* for a very long time. The mommies and I just hung out for awhile. We ordered in Indian food. Mmmmmmmm paneer, samosas, butter chicken, lamb, naan...again I say mmmm. I ended up going home rather early as we were all exhausted.

After I came home I realized that I was so tired because I had a massive headache. It was being kind to me and not really coming forward until I got home. But I was in a hell of a lot of pain and stumbled into bed. My head felt much better after I slept for about 13 hours. The rest of me felt like I had been hit like a truck however. My body is really not used to walking that much anymore which is really sad. I really need to start exercising more. I'll work on that this week.

Today I've had a quiet day. I hauled my butt to the small Indian grocery store just up the street to buy veggies for the stew that's currently on the stove. After I got back I crawled into bed with a book and a pot of cream earl grey tea which I drank from one of my bone china tea cups (always a treat for me). Unforunately I didn't have any scones. When I finished the book (and the tea) I got up, blogged and then started making my stew. It's almost halfway through the cooking time. I'll soon need to add the rest of the veggies and make biscuits. I'll do some more dishes. Then I think tonight, unless there is something good on tv, I'll take the lappy into my bedroom and watch a movie in bed. Or maybe start another book. Or maybe both.