Queen of Dreams

Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni's Queen of Dreams is another one of those books that worked it's way onto my library request list without me really knowing why. I want to say that it was nominated for some award as I know that I've been adding a lot of nominated books to my list. I was in a rut of reading crappy novels and wanted to add some new stuff and had decided this was the way to do it.

So while I have no idea why this book made it's way to me but it did and I'm glad.

I don't know how quite to describe this book. I think it ones of those books where even when you know what it's about, you aren't quite prepared for where it goes. It's told through the mother's journal, Rahki's point of view, and the view of an outsider looking in - you can form your own theory of who it is.

It's a slow book and yet has moments where the speed of the story alarms you. It's quiet and reflective. You find yourself thinking about your own dreams and what they signify.

I really enjoyed it. I've been reading it before bed all week and finished the last half of it today curled up in bed with a pot of cream earl grey tea and soft jazz playing in the background.