Calleen won $50 worth of puretracks downloads and the password expires on Monday. She has spent about half of it but can't find anything else that she wants/can't get for free somewhere else. So she gave it to me. Yay!!! I love my friends.

Strange thing happened today. I was chatting with Shelly this morning and we were talking about long distance and she recommended getting Vonage. It's something I had thought of but I really like my phone. lol Skip forward 30 minutes and Kit-Cat emailed me asking if I knew anything about Vonage. Rofl! What are the odds??? Especially as Kit-Cat and Shelly don't know each other (err at least as far as I know...).

I confirmed plans for tomorrow with Lav. *grin*

Ohhh and I heard from a friend today confirming at trip to the Ontario Science Centre to see Body Worlds 2 this weekend. Yay!

There was um other stuff that made me happy too... lol But I'm so not blogging about that.