Slip Sliding Away

It seems to be that is what time is doing lately. It was a month ago that I got switched to my new team at work. It so doesn't feel like that long. My trip to Ottawa which it seems that I've been planning for months and always seemed so far away, is a week from Saturday. Halloween in on Monday. October is almost over. How the hell did that happen??? Where'd the month go???

It just seems that time keeps speeding forward. Weeks seem so long on Monday and then before it I know it, it's Friday. Weekends...never seem long enough. This one is shaping up to be busier than normal (I'm not complaining, I kinda like that it's busy).

My attempts at reprogramming Piper's morning routine are not speeding away however. Sigh. Damn cat! She's cute but not at 7am when she's bitching at you to feed her. At least she doesn't start until I get out of bed. If I can teach my cat that "go away!" means just that then I can teach her to stop whining and yowling in the morning too right??? Cause I can't take listening to it anymore. It makes me cranky.