Monday, Monday...

Today actually wasn't too bad for a Monday. At work, our client made a course available to some of us working on a specific project and as a result things are starting to make sense! I know, amazing! So not only did I have a productive day but since I had so much to do it went quickly. :)

I have to say I love working from home. I have a private bathroom and a full kitchen. Since I don't smoke I can take a break equivalent in time to a smoking break and do all my dishes. Or fold a load of laundry. If my back is being cranky (like today) it's easy-peasy to sneak in a 20 minute yoga session during my lunch break (it felt soooooo much better after). If it's a music day (not every day is a music day for me - sometimes it's too distracting) I never have to worry that the CD I want to listen to is at home. What I used to spend in buying coffee every week now buys me a half pound of free-trade organic coffee that lasts way more than a week. And I never have to worry that I forgot my lunch at home either (once at my last job I went to work and left my yummy brie sandwich at home on the counter - *sob* - although oddly enough Piper didn't discover it and you all know how she feels about cheese...).

Now that work is done for the day I have to clean. Blah. Tomorrow is green bin and recycling day.