Oh joy, oh bliss!!!

I had a GREAT time at the mall tonight. I bought underwear. There are no display pics of the undies online so there are no pics of what I got (and no I'm not going to take pics of them and model them you pervs). It felt GOOD to spend money on underwear. It's been so long. I bought bras and thong sets and I refuse to say how much I spent. lol Especially as I got one of the sets on sale. I will say that the woman at Jacob Lingerie thought I was damned amusing. (I've found that working at home and spending a lot of time alone has made me far more chatty when I'm actually around strangers- I think this is a good thing.) Jacob Lingerie has a KICKASS silk lounge set that I'm seriously considering. It's kinda pricey but since I work at home and it can be a "work outfit" it's ok right???? (Please, some say right cause it's fanfuckingtabulous - the saleswoman who liked me told me to keep checking back to see if it goes on sale - actually she told me to go next week - you think that means it will go on sale next week?)

I has also made a stop at Silk and Satin (highly misleading name as I don't think they have carried anything silk in eons - they used too...I remember). They are really just another La Senza store under a different name. This was my first clothes store (I had hit a shoe store before that - a pair of heels looked amazing on me but they didn't fit properly...sigh, my pretties...). I tried on many things. I only bought a pair of lounge pants. They are totally fun. Nice and green and stripey. Satin. Comfy. Slippery. Just the way I like lounge pants. I was *very* tempted by a black bustier...I resisted...but I may go back for it at some point. I wasn't crazy about the matching underwear though...

So once the underwear fetish was taken care of I turned to looking for a shirt. I must have looked in every damn store. Why the heck do all the stores have different shirts that are exactly the the same style??? Spaghetti straps. Silky/satiny material. No support at all. Difficult to wear a bra under yet doesn't look too damn hot without one. It drives me insane. At last, just as I was about to leave and meet the boys for sushi I found it. It's not the colour I was looking for. I was looking for red. But the shirt I got is purple. Not a colour I wear often. It's halter which I'm discovering looks best on me (plus has the added bonus of showing off my cool tattoo). No way in hell I can wear a bra with it though. Luckily I don't need too. Now I just have to decide the proper place to wear it. It would be good for dancing. But of course I want to wear it NOW. lol

Ok, I think it's time for bed.