Yesterday I went out for high tea at the La Tea Da tea room with Lav. It was yummy. I think they were the best scones I've ever had. And we had Cream Earl Grey tea. And finger sandwiches. And petit fours. Mmmmmmmmmm Very tasty. I really do recommend this place. Now I know everyone says that you need to go to the King Edward or Royal Work for high tea. And I'm sure that is an experience. But it's an expensive one. La Tea Da is affordable and very yummy. A very fun atmosphere. And it seems to be the type of place where there are a lot of regulars since the owner seemed to know most people there by name. Again, two thumbs up. :) Hopefully I'll be able to post pics soon.

Afterwards Lav and I walked around the Beaches. We popped into little stores that looked interesting. Now I know I said that I wasn't supposed to buy anything except maybe some coffee beans. That so didn't happen. Broke that decree the first store we went into. It was a children's store. I bought Roch Carrier's "Le Chandail du Hockey" because it had been out of print in French for awhile and I was excited to see it available again. Then I bought another book at a second hand bookstore. As some of you know I collect antique girl's series books. I found one at at second bookstore so I had to buy it. I also bought a sweater at the Mendocino Outlet. I need sweaters (and Lav told me I should buy it, lol). Hmm what else...oh right. We went to Pier 1. I bought some little spice jars. I hate the ones I have now because you can't fit a teaspoon in them. I think I'll be able to in there. I just bought 5 for now to see how it goes. While I was there I saw a loveseat I'm seriously considering. It would totally depend on whether or not I qualify for one of their store credit cards so I can take advantage of the 12 months no payment, no interest thing (I'd pay it off before then...). I'll keep you all posted. ;-)

I'm going to finish my coffee and then shower and get a start on my day of cleaning. Blah. Unless of course I give into temptation and run off to sit on the beach and read.