Due to the exploits of "Dr. Broom" and his creators, McGill has cancelled the football season. Clicky

Now how will all the little froshies learn to properly razz the Queen's students who come to Montreal solely to watch the football games, get drunk and tell them that Montreal sucks??? And football is really the only chances that Concordia students legitimately have to feel superior to McGill students (they think they have other reasons but they don't - when I was a frosh, one of the top items in our scavenger hunt was a rejection letter from Concordia - I've yet to see or hear of the existence of one).

I bet McGill really wishes this school year was over...and it's only October. Although McGill was ranked as the top Canadian university according to this. I for one am very suspicious about Harvard's perfect score in this - I mean there's gotta be *something* that's not perfect about the place right? Hint: Click on the link for the full colour PDF and you won't have to register.