I think I'm getting sick

I woke up feeling exhausted today. No big deal, I'll make coffee and all will be good. I couldn't even drink the coffee - that's how bad I was feeling. I had training this morning that started at 8am. It ended at 1:30. I was barely functional during it. I felt worse and worse during the day. So at about 1:45, after emailing my team members and team lead I logged off and crawled into bed. I got up at 6. Ate. I will watch tv until about 9 (and I don't have to worry about missing Prison Break since it's not on because of stupid baseball playoffs).

Heehee - Corner Gas is actually *funny* tonight.

Now - the four hour nap. I don't know how to power nap. I go to take a nap. I fall asleep. I wake up 3 or 4 hours later. How the hell do people power nap? I've tried setting the alarm but then I just get stressed out because it's taking me a long time to fall asleep. Also, I only really nap when I'm hungover, sick or migraine ridden. I need power nap lessons. Who wants to teach me how to nap?