Blog by demand...

Denise asked me to blog this so she can make Michelle read this (sorry Michelle!). Perhaps it would a good time for me to say that when I was Michelle's age I um...didn't cook that much. Really only when I felt like it...or when I got really sick of whatever my mom was making. lol

Monday - spaghetti with meatballs (meatballs and pasta sauce in the crockpot right now)
Tuesday - chicken and brown rice casserole
Wednesday - meatball sub (using Monday's leftovers)
Thursday - leftover chicken casserole - maybe in a tortilla with other stuff...
Friday - Pizza??? I haven't quite decided yet. I think it depends on whether or not I go out Friday night.

Weekend - haven't decided yet. I'm tempted to make a roast or something. Roast chicken would be good because then I could either make chicken soup, hot chicken sandwiches or a homemade chicken pie out of the leftovers. I've been craving my mom's turkey pies but I'm cooking a turkey just so I can make them (umm that and it's all day event to make them the way she does...). But I also haven't had a roast beef in a LONG time. Or maybe beef stew...

Ok, who wants to tell me what to make this weekend??? lol

Oh and if anyone has some really good lentil recipes let me know. The only one I have is for a lentil puree dip that is really, really tasty but I'd never eat it all myself.

And cake mixes were on sale this week...maybe I'll bake a cake too. Then I can have cake for breakfast. ;-)