Relaxing night out

I went out last night to the Bedford Academy. It's an interesting little place. It reminds me a bunch of places that I went to in Montreal. It had that vague familiarity that many college pubs do. You know the type of place - comfy, not too crowded. They type of place where they automatically run a tab for you even though you don't ask them to and you've never been there before.

It was pretty much all lawyers. I don't know that I've actually seen that many lawyers in one room. lol Surprisingly they didn't descend into lengthy discussions about law (although apparently there were two guys who talked about baseball for at least an hour). I think they were too burnt out from the week. Most of them have recently been called to the bar so they are in their crazy working/ proving themselves mode. Instead we talked about bad roomies. Someone had a story that blew mine totally out of the water. A friend of this guys had a roomie that seriously thought that he was a vampire. He kept viles of what was apparently blood in the fridge and would shriek and run away if you opened the blinds. There's no way I can top that. We also talked about girls (they were mostly guys). One guy commented that he wasn't sure if he was really dating a this girl and asked how you knew. I told him if he had to ask that was his answer (although I later amended it because they had only gone out once so that makes it slightly different).

I also have to say that I'm really not used to being old enough that the people I associate with have business cards.

Left the bar at around midnight after having only ONE beer. Yes, I know you are all gobsmacked by that. Mikey and I stopped for some food and then a hop on the metro and bus and home I was. I have to remember to leave a note for my landlord to tell him that the motion sensor light wasn't working last night. Luckily I have a little (and quite bright) light on my keychain.

And in other news, Roger's recovered my email address so now I can listen to my customized radio station again. :)

My neighbours woke me up at 8:15 this morning. I was planning to sleep in until 10. *pout* I'm meeting up with Lav later to have our high tea that we weren't able to have last week. I'm going to see if I can her to putter around in the stores along Queen Street with me. I'm not allowed to buy anything except maybe coffee beans. The coffee I have right now is crap.