New Chapter

First off - have I ever mentioned that my home computer is ancient? It is. It's like an old person creeping around on a walker. It's very slow. And it doesn't seem to like blogger.

Ok, now that I have that out of the way, Friday was my last day at work. And overall it was rather uneventful. Of course I found out that we were all having lunch together at 11:55 just as my lunch date was walking in the door. Being the understanding fellow that he is, we made a dinner date for this week with his wife instead. After work we all went out for drinks and some dinner. Again fairly uneventful.

In all my last day of work was a non-event. It was damned weird to give in my key. My keyring seems very light without that huge ass Medico key on it. In all honesty, that was the only thing that truly weirded me out - giving back my key.

It feels like there should be more to it. But then again maybe not. Many people thought that moving from PEI to Montreal must of been such a HUGE culture shock for me but to tell the truth I didn't really notice. I mean, yeah, people here speak French and you can't turn right on a red light but other than that I didn't notice so much. And I mean, I don't expect things to be the same where I go. I think maybe that's what causes culture-shock. People expecting things to be that same. Of course they're not going to be - it's someplace else. Or maybe I was so shocked that I was in denial and by the time I got out of it I was over it. lol Who knows? Or maybe it's because it's MY decision to do all this. I have a feeling that if it weren't then I would have been knocked on my ass by the thought of leaving.

It's like the whole moving thing. My mother couldn't believe that not a single person would have driven the truck for me. Cause that's just not the way things are in PEI. If someone needs a driver and you can do it, well that's what you do. The only person who offered to drive the truck couldn't becasue they have a broken wrist - and guess what - they are from PEI. lol But had I been in a real jam they may have done it anyway (thanks by the way!).

Speaking of movers - still waiting to hear about what day I'm actually running away on. They should call me this week. I called this morning to make sure that they had my home number and not my work number.

And all that nonsense being said I should probably go pack something.