So I bought this book awhile ago that is about investment planning for women. It's very goal oriented, talks a lot about values etc. I'm actually finding it quite useful and it's making me think about a lot of things.

So I'm reading away last night and I get to a part where the guy starts talking about having goals, financial and otherwise. He talks about a three year plan, etc. Very interesting stuff (surprisingly!). And then he starts talking about writing out your goals and putting them someplace where you will see them (I think I need to paste mine onto my debit card!). Then he says that you need to share your goals with people. And if the people you share your goals with tell you that you can't do it you shouldn't listen to them. Keep sharing your goals with people until you find someone who will support you. As for the people who say you can't do it - he says what they mean is that THEY can't do which leads them to believe that you can't do it. And that if all your friends are telling you that then you should maybe look into getting some new friends.
He also talks about getting out of your comfort zone and meeting new people. Somehow I think that moving may qualify for that one.

The reason that I'm ranting on about this is because I've had so damn many people either come right out and say or strongly imply that my moving to Toronto is a dumb ass idea. That I'll never do any better than I am right now. Which is completely and utter bullshit. Luckily I know this.

And I know that I need to set up some goals for myself. My last goal was to get to university. I did that but I never thought about what I wanted to do afterwards. Or while I was there for that matter. My current goal is to get a new job. I'm working on it. I'm still not sure exactly what type of job I want. There are a number of positions that I think are interesting but I'm not sure exactly what I want. I'll figure that out soon cause I have to. I know that a big goal for me is to pay off my student debt but trust me that is not something that I can do in 3 years (I'll be lucky if I'll have that paid off by the time I'm 40, lol).

Anyway, this guy was just proving to me what I've been thinking for the last couple of months. I have a much better idea of who my real friends are now. :) And for the rest of those people they can go screw themselves, including my boss. Damn the man! (Save the Empire! heehee)