I hate student loans people!

Why is it that people who work at the student loans centers are the most annoying people? Very rarely I will get someone who is really nice but most of the time it's people like I have today who you can just SEE looking down their noses at you. Honestly, most of them I'd seriously love to give a good kick in ass. They act like they are so superior. And most of the time they are largely unhelpful.

If anyone out there works in one of these places - is it some sort of hiring requirement - only 1 nice useful type of person for every 10 assholes?

And I SSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO love it when they tell you that something done a certain way will never be accepted. And then when you tell that that it's always been accepted like that for you in the past they respond "well it shouldn't have and if anyone finds out, they will revoke what was arranged and you will owe them a lot of money." In my case this would literally mean 1000s of dollars. Merry Christmas to you too.