Grey, grey, grey

As much as I don't want it to get cold and snow I think it's time for it. I think all the greyness outside is doing horrible things to my psyche. I know that it is not the reason for my feeling so depressed lately - that has to be with me being unhappy with many other things - but it's making it harder not to be.

That being said I still fully plan to bitch when it snows. I don't want it to be winter. Winter is cold and I have to wait for buses and stuff. I don't particularly care for freezing my ass off. And I have a tendency to forget that can happen and have been known to wear a thong on very cold days. Brings a whole different meaning to "rosy red cheeks".

Only 9 more weeks until the end of January. That is when I am hoping to get laid off. I'm very sick of royalties and professors and people who can't photocopy to save their life.

And someone remind me that I need to figure out a way to have both my VCR and my antenna (I don't have cable - very archaic I know...) to my tv at the same time so I can tape Corner Gas since I'll soon be getting home too late to watch it!