I'm alive!

Just feeling anti-social and blah.

I had a good week off. I didn't get much of anything done which meant that this past week was crazy busy. Such is life.

I had company for part of the time I was off. That was nice. Kinda strange but nice. I'm really not used to having someone around that much. I'm not used to having to entertain someone for that amount of time.

Going to a party at a friend's place tonight. meh. Don't really want to but I know there will be shit to pay if I don't. (Cat - are you guys going? I'll probably call you later to ask...). My ex may be there. I'm willing to take bets on that he will either not show up, or if he does he'll not say a single word to me all night. Why did I date him again??? (And wouldn't it have been interesting if the party had been last week when I had company...).

I swear I had more interesting things to say. That's why I haven't been blogging. I think of things I want to say/rant about and then I get here and meh. Nothing.