Bah! Stupid Construction

The intersection in front of my building has been a construction site since the first of June. This a very annoying because stupid drivers don't stop at the red light now since the street is sort of blocked off. According to them this means that they don't have to stop. According to me they still have to because construction or not I still have to cross the stupid street on a regular basis. Drivers barely stop at that intersection when there's no construction. It's worse now. Now instead of almost getting run over 3 out of 5 times I try to cross I know almost get run over 5 out of 5 times.

Not only that but I spent an entire summer being leered at by construction workers. And they weren't even the cute type. They were the nasty ass-crack type (I won't even mention the nasty security guard the bank on the ground floor - he'll be his own rant someday).

One of the side effects of all this stupid construction is that there are little chunks of gravel everywhere. The gravel is, of course, the exact same colour as the pavement which makes it very difficult to see. So me being me I had to slip on it today and go over on my ankle. Nothing serious really but it's owie (don't mock me - owie is a medical term - I know a nurse that will back me up on this). I have bad ankle to begin with and they get owie easily enough as it is. I don't need help from stupid construction sites for that.

I can't have an owie ankle right now. It's highly inconvenient as I am going away for the weekend and plan on doing touristy sightseeing stuff that requires walking.

Stupid construction.