Ok, So I lied...

But I kept up the farce for a good month. I said I wasn't going to post anything here. I just wanted a spiffy user name for when I posted on my friend's blogs (*waves hello*). But I lied. I truly did not intend to lie. I didn't mean to. But then things have been building up and I was about to go out of mind. I need a place to rant. And then I remembered. Monkey Trouble!

And I had some great rants worked out in my head. I really did. But then I picked up the phone and asked M if he wanted to go for lunch. And on the way there (we were going to a food court) we cut through Simon's. Simon's is a WONDERFUL local department store and they make the absolute best coats ever. I've had my eye on this wonderful white wool/cashmere blend coat there for awhile. I've been looking for a white wool coat for months. There were only two left when we went to lunch. On the way back there was only one. M hauled my butt to an ATM and gave me the money for it and told me I could pay him back when I got my bonus (which will hopefully be soon) because he didn't want to here me whine about it all winter. *grin* So now I am the proud owner of the white wool/cashmere coat and that fact has bumped all rants and annoyances out of my head.

So much for all my wonderful ranting plans. But it's worth it. I now have a coat that looks like cream. And I look stunning in it. ;-)