My dinner made me sick last night which means that I didn't get my assignment finished last night I need to finish it today at work. It's now mostly done and just needs fine tuning and a conclusion which I will likely do at lunch. The real kicker about dinner making me sick is that it was the second night in a row that dinner made me feel yucky (the common demoninator was leftover couscous...). The night before last I bought some ice-cream to have for dessert and I still haven't opened the darned container. I want ice-cream dammit! hmph

Speaking of dinner I get to go to my friend's place for dinner tonight and his wife is a wonderful cook so I'm bound to have a yummy meal tonight. mmm But then of course I have class from 8-10. I'm very glad I actually like the instructor - she's very good at keeping me awake.

Oh, and I ran into an old friend yesterday (a blond guy that some of you know that used to work at the bookstore). He's now an assistant manager of a cafe. The odd thing is that when this particular cafe opened a few months ago I remember thinking that he would really like it. Apparently I was right. He really hasn't changed. Still smoking and drinking and partying.

And the most exciting news of the day - I preordered the first season of Corner Gas on DVD today. Woohoo! It's such a brillant show.

Done ranting now. Must work.