Signs in English!

So I went to Toronto for Thanksgiving weekend (I'm in Canada people - we do it early here so that we don't freeze our butts off while enjoying turkey). It was a good weekend for a variety of reasons most of which I will not get into (it suffices to say I'm still afterglowing). But it was really strange to see all the ads in the TTC (the Toronto version of the Montreal metro) in English. And there were tons of Global ads. There was one station that had nothing but Global ads. It was a bit overwhelming and it just seemed very strange. Although I must say I enjoyed the Showcase ads. They amused me.

It was my first time to Toronto. I have to say I enjoyed it. I really, really enjoyed the Distillery District. It was very cool. Yeah, it's very kinda yuppy but in a cool way. And there were lots of dogs. There was one really fat dog (I can't remember what kind it was...perhaps I'll check and get back to it) but it was so hilarious looking I couldn't stop laughing at it. Anyway, the Distillery District. Right. Basically they took these old distillery buildings and made them into art gallerys and microbreweries and restaurants. It's really, really neat. I recommend it.

I also did the token touristy thing and went to the CN Tower. The glass floor kinda freaked me out a bit. It made me dizzy.

And yes of course I had turkey. mmmm turkey.

gobble gobble