My 4 Favourite Lush Products

My friend Tarrant's youngest daughter just got a part-time job at Lush, which launched a discussion about what products they should try. I generally pop into Lush a few times a year to stock up on products. During the fall and winter I buy a lot products to help combat dry skin because winter is brutal. 

In every trip to Lush a little bit of impulse shopping happens. In my case that's usually seasonal times (mmm... Santa Baby lip scrub). But here are the four Lush products I try to have on hand at all times. 

My 4 Favourite Lush Products |

1. Soak and Float shampoo. I've written about this shampoo and how it saved my scalp before. (Fun fact: That's the most popular post on my blog.) As I noted in that post, Soak and Float does have a strong smell though I have to say I rarely notice it anymore. Even if I did, it's worth it to be done with having an itchy, flaky scalp. It's been about three years now and I don't plan on giving it up any time soon. Bonus? It's a bar shampoo so you can totally take it in your carry-on easily. 

2. Lemony Flutter cuticle cream. I always get the name of this product wrong. In my head it's called "Lemon Fluffer," possibly because "Fluffer" is one the cat's many nicknames. I keep a small container of this on my desk and tend to put it on while I'm on conference calls. I know some people swear by almond or other oils for cuticle moisturizing but unfortunately my cat thinks those things are DELICIOUS. Like most cats, she is anti-citrus so this cuticle cream works on multiple levels.

3. Dream Cream. Dream Cream is my is go-to moisturizer for most of the year. (I need something a bit heavier in the midst of winter when I seem to become part-lizard.) Aside from being a great moisturizer for me, I find it also helps clear up mild eczema flares and soothes itchy spots of skin. Note: I haven't tried the self-preserving Dream Cream. Based on the reviews I've read it has a different scent so that might work for you or might not.  

4. Butterball bath bombs. I love taking baths (and reading books in baths but I have rules about that.) Put in a few rough workouts? Epsom salt bath. Feeling decadent? Bubble bath. The problem I have with baths during the winter is I find they can make my skin dry and itchy. (Sensing a theme to this post?) A few years ago I was at local Lush and bought a couple of Butterball bath bombs on a whim. I'm not going to lie—I bought these particular bath bombs because they were cheaper than the other bath bombs. That turned out be awesome because I love them. They are very moisturizing and during the really cold, dry snaps of winter weather I'll toss one of these in a tub and treat myself to a nice long soak. It gets bonus points for not having flower petals or glitter in it either. (Don't get me wrong, I love glitter. GLITTER ALL THE THINGS... except bathtubs. Cleaning glitter out of the bathtub is less than relaxing.) Holiday tip: These make excellent stocking stuffers. 

What are your favourite Lush products? Is there something I really need to try? 

Sassymonkey Reads: October 2015

October was a weird month. It seemed really long. I'm guess that's because we didn't have a fully functioning main bathroom and shower for ten days. I'll write about that eventually. Maybe. Best intentions and all that. This is what I read during the chaos that was October. 

Sassymonkey Reads: October 2015

Allen Klein: The Man Who Bailed Out the Beatles, Made the Stones, and Transformed Rock & Roll by Fred Goodman. So I do this thing where I go through the on order and newly arrived non-fiction on the library website and just request anything that looks interesting because our library doesn't have a limit on holds. (I love my library.) There's always a few books I reserve for Lee because I like to surprise him. This one one of them. 

Lee: "This book is awesome. You need to read it. I love it!" *finishes book and hand it to me*

Me: *Reads book. Waits for it to get awesome. Finishes book.* "Exactly which part of this book was awesome and not boring?"

Apparently you need to be a bigger Beatles and Stones fan that I am to care about Klein. And I really rather like the Beatles and the Stones.

To Catch a Russian Spy: The True Story of an American Civilian Turned Double Agent by Naveed Jamali. It's easy to sum up this book. It's one big humble brag. An anti-climactic humble brag at that. Apparently they might be making it into a movie and I have a feeling they'll be rewriting the ending. *yawn* 

The Silence that Speaks by Andrea Kane. Lee laughed at me the entire time I was reading this because I only seem to be able to find the large print versions of Kane's books in our library system. Yes, I will totally read these in large print. They are fun thrillers and I really like the characters. I need more fun thriller-y fiction in my life. 

Open Heart, Open Mind by Clara Hughes. I love Clara Hughes and I respect her so much for showing her brokeness in this memoir. I am really, really tempted to buy it for a friend but I'm not sure "Here, have a book about brokeness and depression and athletic endurance!" really screams, "Merry Christmas!" I mean, it totally can but I'm not sure that's what I want to say this Christmas to that person. 

Let Me Tell You A Story About Raccoons

Like all homeowners, we've encountered a few pest problems. Fruit flies. Ants. We have a few mice though I'm happy to say Piper stopped bringing mice up to our bedroom at 2am and has settled for leaving them in the middle of the basement floor for us to find. 

If you remember, or if you clicked on, the story about Piper bring the mouse to our bedroom, you will notice that I said denial is a powerful thing. Three years later, we're still rocking the denial. 

I'd been hearing noises for awhile. But again, like the first story, Lee didn't. Part of that is I work from home so I'm basically here all the time. I have a good sense of normal nosies and what is NOT normal. Then one evening Lee, the cat, and I all heard the noises at the same time. They stopped after a few minutes and we returned to the Land of Denial. It's a cozy place. 

One day I was working in the office when the cat and I both heard a noise above our heads. 

Hark! I hear the pitter-patter of little feet!

Hark! I hear the pitter-patter of little feet!

When I went outside I didn't see anything on the roof. That didn't mean the noise hadn't come from the attic, but it didn't mean it did either. 

That evening Lee and I were sitting on the couch when we heard a noise and Piper bolted to attention. It was a loud noise that sounded like something scraping on metal. That was not good. Not good at all. We went out on the deck and didn't see anything. We tried standing on the benches and still nothing. Then I got smart and realized I needed to go to the back of the yard so I could see the whole roof. 

We had company.

Foes face off for the first time. 

Foes face off for the first time. 

Lee tried to get it off our roof by spraying it with the hose. The raccoon didn't like that very much and ran off ... to the front of the house. I followed and was horrified to watch it crawl inside our house. But it seems it really didn't want to be in our attic at that moment and a few minutes later it poked its head back out. 

Raccoon in the roof. FUN TIMES! (Blurry because Iphone zoom and i wasn't going inside to get the good camera.

Raccoon in the roof. FUN TIMES! (Blurry because Iphone zoom and i wasn't going inside to get the good camera.

It eventually wandered off and Lee went up and shoved an old pair of jeans in the hole. We knew it wouldn't keep it out, but at least we'd be able to see if it came back because it would have to move the jeans. We called a wildlife rescue company, who never did call us back. 

Two nights later, it came back. Oh yes, it did. 

Because nothing ever happens at normal hours, we were awakened at 1:30am. It sounded like something was tearing our attic apart. Lee went outside to look at the roof while I stayed inside where I heard something worse than banging—I heard cooing. Cooing was BAD. Cooing meant that there was more than one raccoon and that some of them were young. 

While Lee was outside I banged on the wall and ceiling and played loud music. It seems the raccoons didn't appreciate it because after about 10 minutes Lee told me he could see eyes so out I went. 

We watched the raccoon come out of the roof. Lee was thrilled! "It's out!" Then I informed him it wasn't alone. "What?!?!" I pointed out there were more sets of eyes. Lee stood stunned while another raccoon came out. And then another. Our attic was like a clown car for raccoons. We didn't have one raccoon. We had little family. 


I called a different wildlife removal company the next morning. They were super busy and wouldn't be able to us until after our vacation. We just had to live with our new squatters for a bit. They were pretty quiet all week, though we had random sightings and indications they where there. I can't say we slept very well and jumped at anything that went boo in the night. We were looking forward to our week away because at least it should be quiet. As we pulled out of the driveway at 5am, they were sitting on the roof, waving goodbye. I think it was at that moment we officially because #TeamCyrilSneer

A couple of weeks after our vacation they were evicted for good. Our roof was repaired. Our house has, we hope, been raccoon-proofed. It only cost us half as much as the windows the squirrels ate earlier in the summer. 

We had just finally settled into a new raccoon-free routine. We could sleep! We stopped jumping at every random noise. 

Then we got up early one morning to go to the dentist and looked out the back window to see our friends were visiting. 

Mamma raccoon under the apple tree. 

Mamma raccoon under the apple tree. 

I watched Mamma raccoon waddle around under the tree and then climb it, completely ignoring how I told her to scram. Closer inspection of the tree showed she was not alone. 


Fine, raccoon family. Raid the apple tree. Just stay the heck out of my house.