Friday Five: The Anne of Green Gables Edition

Now that I've watched the first three episodes of the new CBC/Netflix Anne of Green of Gables and had some time to digest it, I'm having thoughts. I have a somewhat complicated relationship with Anne. Growing up in Prince Edward Island, she was kind of like the annoying cousin that you couldn't get away from, particularly if you had long auburn hair reddish enough for tourists to comment on and occasionally ask for your picture. We've got a love/hate thing going on, Anne and I. Here are some of the things that have been rolling around in my mind. 

Friday Five: The Anne of Green Gables Edition |

1. I'm kinda jealous that people will be able to binge it all on Netflix without having to wait for the next episode. That said, I think that some of the Sullivan 1985 Anne fans who are waiting to watch it on Netflix are going to lose their damned minds when they see this adaptation. Makes me want to make popcorn on May 12 and watch the Twitter reactions stream by. I am enjoying this darker take on the material, even when it goes off book in ways I'd not expect (and don't always love), but the people who love a soft, romantic Anne likely will not adore this version unless they go into it with an open mind. 

2. Some people are freaking out and stomping their feet about the fact there's a new version and it's making me roll my eyes. It's been 30 years since the Sullivan mini-series. You can enjoy more than one take on a thing. Just look at Sherlock, which gets reimagined almost constantly. The Sullivan version is not the original. The original is the book. The first film version was in 1919. The first television adaptation was in 1956. The 1985 Anne can be *your* Anne but she's not the original. 

3. The above said, I was a wee bit concerned about the casting. After all, I'd been watching the Sullivan edition for 30+ years. Would I actually like new people in these roles? The answer is yes. Amybeth McNulty is a delightful Anne. I adore R.H. Thomson as Matthew (but I kind of adore R.H. Thomson so there's that). And Geraldine James has won me over with her Marilla, something I was doubtful of because I adored Colleen Dewhurst. The only character I really struggled with was Rachel Lynde because Patricia Hamilton's Lynde is so sticky in my mind. Oh, and I'm not so sure about Mr. Barry but that has less to do with casting and more to do with characterization. He's a bit... uppity. 

4. I am wondering if this new Anne will have an impact on tourism marketing in Prince Edward Island. Even though it was filmed in Ontario - as was the Sullivan production - more Anne means more tourism dollars for PEI. PEI needs the tourism dollars (seasonal economy!) and I don't begrudge the heavy focus on Anne overly much, but it tends to veer in the precious and twee direction. This new production is not that. How will that actually be reflected on the Island? 

5. Anne of Green Gables is not my favourite L.M. Montgomery book or character. That honour goes to The Blue Castle and Valancy Stirling. If you've never read it, I encourage you to do so. I would love to see a great adaptation of The Blue Castle and I think the people behind this Anne could do a great job with it. 

Friday Five, March 31

It's been awhile and I realized I've missed making these lists. I still love reading what other people discover on the internet and I have a wealth of time on my hands so let's give it a go again. 

Friday 5. March 31 |

How Running Taught Me About the Importance of Vulnerability. I've been listening to Kelly's podcast the last few weeks and it's had me thinking a lot about going viral. I've know many women who have gone viral, and most often it's been for less than ideal reasons. Getting shot, a child dying, unearthing a blogger scam... Kelly's story is different. It's had its negative implications, but for the most part it's been a positive force in her life. 

How Does a Rebel Change Habits?  I've been examining how I feel about routines and structure and as part of that I've been meaning to reread Gretchen Rubin's Better Than Before. Funny story. When I first read the book I was convinced I was a questioner because I ask all the questions. When I took the quiz and was informed I was a rebel. I wasn't sure I believed it. I told this story to Rita after I made her read it and she laughed at me and basically said, "Dude, you are a REBEL. Deal with it." Then a few months ago I was telling some of our former coworkers about this story and they all laughed at me because duh. So, hey. I'm a rebel. Deal with it. I'm still figuring out how to and if you are like me, you might find these suggestions on how to how to change your habits helpful. Or not. I don't want to tell you what to do. I know how rebels feel about that. 

The Ugly Truth Behind Why I Quit Being a Social Media Influencer. Omg omg omg that Facebook group. Omg. Don't do that. Seriously, if you are running a marketing campaign and you are encouraging your influencers to lose weight in order to promote your products, YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG. You are not medical professionals. Your job is to tell people they look fabulous just. as. they. are. If anyone needs to lose weight in order to enjoy your products, it's a flaw in the product and your campaign strategy, not in your influencers. If you are an influencer who has faced that kind of pressure, I'm sorry that happened to you and I encourage you to cease working with that agency. You are awesome just as you are. Don't let someone trying to sell a product ever tell you anything different. 

Facebook Launches Stories to Complete its All-Out Assault on Snapchat. What I find interesting about this is that it comes just days after Facebook launched the "My Day" option in Facebook Messenger. It seems they have two products in direct competition with each other. Overall, I'm not surprised that they've launched something like this. Instagram Stories did a pretty good job of taking a chunk out of Snapchat. 

Octopus Cupcakes. It's octopuses. On cupcakes. What's not to love? 

Routine, Revisted

I've been thinking a lot about routines. Or more to the point, I've been thinking about a lack of routines. 

I haven't worked since September. Some of that is by choice, some by circumstance. I knew I wanted to take some time off at the end of 2016. I'm so happy I did. I needed to press the pause button there for awhile. 

Then 2017 came barreling in and I was antsy. I was bored. I was actively looking for work, getting a few nibbles here and there. Sometimes I felt encouraged, other times less so. I was fine not getting selected for a position until I saw the position being reposted a week after I got my final "Thanks, but no thanks," email. That made me cringe. 

I was doubling down on the job search when I got selected to be part of a month-long jury trial. People have a negative view of jury duty. Sure, it's tedious and inconvenient, but I found it to be a very positive experience. It also granted me a bit of a routine. I had a purpose to my weekdays. 

Since it ended, I've been struggling a bit. I'm bored. I need a project. I need a purpose. 

I need a routine. 

I always thought I was bad at routines but it depends on the routine. What I've come to realize is that I actually thrive on them. My routines are never super-regimented. The world will not end if I don't get up at 7am on the dot. But days stretching out into nothingness with no routine at all are awful

Since September I've actually had a whole series of changing routines. First there was the routine that had me doing Blogilates and walking 5km almost every day. Then I did the reading binge routine. Then the holiday routine. Then it was walk at least one mile on the treadmill each day. Jury duty. 

I'm figuring out a new routine now. I know it's not going to last few long. Constant change is hard but it's so much better than not having a routine at all.